Your shopping trip can help the Georgia SPCA

Let's just start with the truth – and it's no big surprise: It costs money to operate the Georgia SPCA and find homes for rescued dogs and cats. It costs approximately $100 to provide standard age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm testing and spay/neuter surgery for one animal to get them ready to be adopted, and that's if they have no other medical needs that must be addressed to bring them to full health. In addition, we feed and house the animals until they are adopted.  It is also true that we receive no government funding, and we are not affiliated with any other animal welfare or rescue organization.

Oscar and Emmy together!

Oscar and Emmy, two 10-year-old Yorkies, came to the shelter when their family circumstances changed. They found a loving home together where they can happily spend their senior years.   Thank you, thank you, thank you to the person who adopted these two and kept them together!

Spring is kitten season...

The  Georgia SPCA certainly has its share of litters currently in foster homes and soon to be ready for adoption!  Here is a picture of sweet mom cat Lily wih just one of her babies, Daffodil.  How cute can you get?!!?   Lily's a great mom!  Her babies -- Daffodil, Camelia, Tulip, Peanut and Bud -- will be back at the Shetler and ready for adoption on June 2, and several other litters will be available within the next few weeks.