Early in her young life, Abbey learned to open doors and would not be denied access to any room in our home.  She let herself into the cupboard, bedroom, and even onto the deck. To keep her out, we promptly started locking rooms behind us.  She still opens doors, but we no longer lock her in or out.  From her ,and the last year at the park, I learned to stop locking doors and open up.

IMG_0542Today’s trip to the park just reminded me of how many other doors, Abbey and the dogs we all love open for us. Dena said it best ” if everyone would just get out, good things happen” .  And, what brought us all together….the dogs

As often happens, today’s conversations unfolded and we learned more about each other. Two women with much in common found each other this morning. With common religious interests they found that they had actually been communicating, but had not connected the names from the e-mail with the face at the park. It was fascinating to see this unfold.We also discuss careers, dreams and 091entrepreneurial aspirations.  It’s rare that I am not inspired and motivated by those I see and meet at the park.

Outside of the park, Abbey has introduced me to new friends in our neighborhood The introduction that stands out the most is Masako.  Out on a walk one morning, Abbey stopped on the trail and refused to move. Abbey noticed someone coming up behind us and (as she tends to do) waits to be petted.  Masako stopped, we chatted, 20150701_072604 (1)and a new special friendship was formed. Although we have been neighbors for 13 years, and been on the trail many times, we had never met before Abbey forced the encounter.   This was a lucky day for me as Masako is special.

Often too caught up in our cell phones, texting, or listening to our music, what doors have we locked and what have we missed? New friends, new ideas, motivation, support, so much! For one, I am glad that I stopped locking doors.