Our Adoption Process

Thinking about adopting? Visit our adoption tips page for suggestions and important information about the decision to adopt.

Ready to adopt? See the information below about Georgia SPCA’s adoption procedures and policies. Contact us anytime with questions at 678-765-2726 or at info@georgiaSPCA.org

 What Do I need to have with me?

Please be sure to bring a photo ID and form of payment for the adoption fee. If you rent, please bring your rental agreement. The primary caregiver is required to be present to go through the adoption process. We also require that you bring in the entire family including all children and other dogs.

Adoption Process:

There is an updated list of adoptable cats and dogs on our website. Check it often if you are looking for something specific.

1. Come visit our adoptable animals at the adoption center during our adoption hours.

2. The kennel attdendents will help you find the perfect match. Once you do, you will be asked to fill out an adoption application and take a short quiz. The adoption counselors then conduct an interview with you and your family. The interview and paperwork usually takes about an hour to complete and you will take your adopted animal with you when the adoption paperwork is completed. Please do not try to adopt in a hurry. 

3. Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis. Please understand we take as much time as necessary for each adoption.

4. Georgia SPCA will allow an animal to be held for 24 hours with a $50 deposit. Holds must be done in person; no holds will be accepted over the phone. Ask for details. 

5. Georgia SPCA accepts debit cards, credit cards, cash and personal checks for adoption fees. All fees must be paid at the time of adoption.

Individual adoption fees are listed on each animal’s page on our website and kennel card on our adoption floor. Typical adoption fees are:

Adoption Fees:

Puppies 5 months and under: $275

Dogs 6 months and older: $250

Seniors for Seniors: $125

Military Adoption: $125 for dogs over 4 years

Kittens 6 Months and under: $125  

Cats 7 months – 2 years: $100       

Cats over 2 years: $25 

All adoption fees include surgical sterilization (spay/neuter), the insertion and registration of an identifying microchip, age appropriate vaccines, heartworm testing for dogs over 6 months and feline leukemia/FIV testing for all cats as well as 45 days of free emergency pet insurance through 24 Petwatch.

Please note that any additional vaccines or medical treatment required post-adoption will be at the adopter’s expense. Georgia SPCA does not reimburse for veterinary expenses incurred after adopting

Why does it cost so much to adopt?

Look at everything that is included!

Frequently Asked Adoption Questions:

·         I saw an animal online, is it still available? Our website is updated in real time as animals come and go from the adoption floor. As long as the animal’s information is listed, the animal is currently available for adoption. Please note that there are times when an animal is in the process of being adopted and will be momentarily unavailable but still listed on the website until the adoption is submitted in our system.

·         What is your return policy? Georgia SPCA believes in finding permanent, loving homes for animals and does not offer “trial” adoptions. We do, however, understand that sometimes an adopted animal turns out to be a poor match for their new home. Adopted animals may be returned to Georgia SPCA at any point during their life.  The animal must be returned by the person who adopted the animal and the adopter must give Georgia SPCA 7 days notice of the return. After 7 days, there is an additional $50 intake fee. There will be no refunds.

·         How big will this puppy get? Puppies can be expected to grow to 6-8 times their weight at 8 weeks of age. Georgia SPCA staff may give you an estimate of your puppy’s adult weight but we are unable to make any guarantees. If size is a large concern, please consider adopting a fully grown adult dog.

·         Can you tell me this animal’s history? Is it housebroken? Does it get along with cats, other dogs or children? Georgia SPCA will share whatever information is available about an animal’s previous home(s) during the adoption process but we rarely know their entire history. Just because an animal was reported to be housebroken and get along with children in the last home, doesn’t necessarily mean they will act the same in their new home. Adopters should be prepared to do some housetraining with any animal adopted from us. Children and other dogs living even part time in the home are encouraged to meet the dog prior to adoption to help determine compatibility.

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