Animal Abuse

Dogfighting - No Winners!

 Typically, an Organized Dogfight is a contest in which two dogs, bred and trained to fight by “dog men”, is placed in a pit (an area enclosed by plywood or straw bales) for the purpose of attacking and mauling each other to earn money for their owners and “entertain” spectators. An organized dogfight averages an hour in length and often lasts more than two hours. These dogfights end when one of the dogs is no longer able or willing to continue.

Companion Animal Overpopulation: What You Can Do

Companion Animal Overpopulation Crisis
It is a sad fact of life in our society that millions of “surplus” cats, dogs and other domesticated animals have no place to call home. The kennels and cages of America’s animal shelters are filled to capacity with these abandoned, lost and unwanted creatures. New strays and discarded family companions arrive continuously, yet there is not nearly enough space for them all so their stay must be short as they await an uncertain fate. 


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