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Dr. Mavis McCormick-Rantze graduated in 2003 from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She also has undergraduate degrees in Animal Science and Zoology from the University of Georgia.

Besides small animals, Dr McCormick-Rantze has a strong interest in avian and exotic animals. She lives in Cumming with her husband and their two children, five cats, and two saltwater fish tanks.  Dr. McCormick is the owner of Lanier Animal Hospital, 5700 Cumming Highway, Building B, Sugar Hill, GA  30518.


Does my dog need flea/tick medication in the winter?

The short answer is YES for those of us that live in Georgia.  I have seen live fleas on the coldest day of the year with snow on the ground here in Georgia.  Fleas and ticks can be just more than an annoyance and can cause diseases that make your pets extremely sick.  Fleas can cause not only flea allergy dermatitis that makes your pet miserable by being extremely itchy and getting skin infections but diseases such as blood borne diseases, plague, tularemia and also intestinal parasites.  Ticks can cause things such as local inflammation, paralysis, ehrlichiosis and lyme disease.


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