Bringing out the Best -- Unconditionally

Those of us who are dog lovers know the unconditional love that they offer. Whether providing thbill and abbey 008e companionship we need day to day, or offering patience when we are just the opposite.

In my life, sweet Babbit and Abbey have pulled me out of despair, wiped away many tears and always welcomed me with open arms.  They, our pets, are unconditional in all that they do.

I am often struck by the gentle souls who take in the dogs or cats that others have  abandoned and/or abused and the unconditional love behind their decision.

My neighbor took Boddie the deaf bulldog puppy. Their’s was a natural match as Julie works with theIMG_1474 hearing impaired and has taught Boddie sign language. He is doing well, a great big funny guy and part of their lovely family.

Years ago, the Georgia SPCA had a deaf, partially blind dog named Rae. Although he stayed at the shelter for a while, he was adopted by a wonderful woman who had lost her dog. The woman was in her seventies and as she took Rae quipped “I’ll bet this one would put up with me”. AHHHHH.

Of late, there was s a lab mix, amputee, Domino, at the SPCA who formed an unlikely relationship with a cat,Toby. Toby also has challenges – seizures. These two did not seem to notice their differences and were instant, unconditional friends  Domino was taken by his foster home – Toby is still waiting to find her’s.  Read more here.


There are many stories of special animals and those who take them in. We salute these amazing people for the love and support they provide for our furry friends. Unconditional love truly goes both ways.

The shelters many of the pets leave provide surgery and medical treatment that exceeds their budgetary projections.  They rely on foundation support  and donations from people like you and me to help.