Cat Behavior

Stages of Kitten Development

Watching kittens play and grow can be a very satisfying experience. They seem to be little live wires one minute, sleeping angels the next. It’s important to spend a lot of time with your new kitten to build his or her social skills. This time with your kitten includes feeding time (three to four times a day until the age of 12 weeks), play time, and petting time. 

Adopting a Fearful Cat

Why Are Some Cats Fearful?
Fearful behavior in cats can be caused by various factors. Insufficient exposure to humans and/or a variety of stimuli during kittenhood as well as traumatizing events in their lives can teach them to react fearfully towards people or new situations. Cats can also be genetically predisposed to being fearful. 

Aggression Toward Other Cats

If several of your cats suddenly start fighting when they previously lived together without altercations, the first step is to take them both to your veterinarian for medical evaluation. Medical problems can cause a cat to be in pain, grouchy or confused, which increases the likelihood for aggressive behavior. If a medical evaluation reveals no abnormalities, the following recommendations may help your cats to resolve their differences.

Prevent a Great Escape

 For some indoor cats, the world beyond the window offers countless temptations. Every time the door opens, a variety of fascinating smells, sights and sounds entice your cat to explore. Your cat sees a wonderful world outside, not understanding the many dangers out there. 


Information provided in these articles is intended to provide some guidance for you and your pet. Not all animals behave (or respond) in the same manner. Should you have questions or concerns about anything you see here, please consult your veterinarian. While we work with vets on a regular basis, we are not veterinarians. We feel the articles here provide useful but general guidelines and suggestions for working with your pet. Please note, some articles may be disturbing to young children. Please preview articles to make sure they are appropriate for your child.