If I Fit, I Sit?

Every cat lover knows that cats can do some strange things for no obvious reasons.  I’ve had cats who seem to focus on an unseen-by-me object in the corner of the room, or in the air. Are they seeing spirits? The reflection from my computer or phone screen in a dark room? A fly or mosquito? I don’t know.

Inside Out?

I read an article recently about experts, including animal behaviorists, a professor of psychology, a bioethicist, and others who have studied and written on and about animals and the animal-human relationship, who feel conflicted about letting domestic cats outdoors.

What's In A Name?

We rescue A LOT of cats and kittens each year at the Georgia SPCA - more than 300 of them so far this year! It can be challenging to think up names for all of them. The obvious names - like Tulip, Spring, Summer and Daffodil for kittens born early in the year - are used up pretty quickly when we rescue several cats and kittens every week.

My Remedy for Negativity

I have been volunteering for several years at the Georgia SPCA low-cost vaccination clinics. If you've been to one of our clinics, you know that they are busy and can sometimes seem a bit wild and crazy - dogs are barking; cats are meowing; people are chatting and admiring each other's pets; and our weekend manager, Mary, is calling out names of the pets to see the veterinarian.

What Do You call a Bunch of Cats?

It depends on what source you consult. The Oxford English dictionary online says a group of cats is called a clowder or a clutter. Another source says a group of cats is called a glaring (isn’t that what the spouse, partner or housemate of a crazy cat lady gives her when she brings home yet another feline?)  Whatever a group of cats is called, lots of us seem to have one.  More U.S.

What Do You Think About Declawing a Cat?

I have had many cats over the years.  And my furniture bears dramatic testimony to the fact that I have never declawed my cats. When I lived in Chicago, I owned a big comfy couch, upholstered in navy blue with a hardwood frame. I know it had a hardwood frame because over the years, my cats scratched the arm of the couch right down to the wood.

How Do You Know You're a Crazy Cat Lady?

Halloween is just a few days away, and Crazy Cat Lady costumes seem to be popping up everywhere. There's a photo of an adorable little girl dressed as a Crazy Cat Lady circulating on Facebook, there are lots of cartoons and there's even a Crazy Cat Lady doll. But what's a Crazy Cat Lady, really? How can we tell when someone who likes cats slides over the edge into Crazy Cat Lady territory?

Quirky and Odd

I found this link to an article in the English newspaper The Guardian, about odd (and sometimes obnoxious) things cats do. I see that one of the cats uses a floor drain as her litter box and I couldn’t believe it!

Cats I've Known and Loved

I’ve never been without at least one cat since the 1980’s. I’ve been lucky with the cats that have chosen to live with our family (any cat lover knows that cats choose their people – I’ve seen it happen with cats at the Georgia SPCA, too.) Some of the most memorable: