How Do You Know You're a Crazy Cat Lady?

Halloween is just a few days away, and Crazy Cat Lady costumes seem to be popping up everywhere. There's a photo of an adorable little girl dressed as a Crazy Cat Lady circulating on Facebook, there are lots of cartoons and there's even a Crazy Cat Lady doll. But what's a Crazy Cat Lady, really? How can we tell when someone who likes cats slides over the edge into Crazy Cat Lady territory? Is it a slippery slope or do we just take the plunge? Are Crazy Cat Ladies born or made?

What makes you decide that someone is a Crazy Cat Lady? Is it the cat hair that garnishes every meal? The numerous cat videos "shared" on Facebook every day? Is it the enormous collection of cat figurines, the cat calendars, the cat-themed hand towels, the "This House is Protected by an Attack Cat" doormat that provide a clue? How about when the furniture in the house is placed just-so for the cats' convenience, and the best seat in the house is reserved for the exclusive use of the cat? How many cats does a person have to care for to be a Crazy Cat Lady?

I have a friend who objects to being called a Crazy Cat Lady - she prefers the term Amazing Cat Lady (and she is amazing, too, in all that she has done to rescue and find homes for many, many cats and kittens.) I myself don't have a problem with being called a Crazy Cat Lady - I do my best to earn the name and will bear the label proudly, but how do I know when I'm there? What do you think?

PS - This sweet boy pictured is Lucas. He doesn't care whether you are a Crazy Cat Lady or not, as long as you will give him a loving home- he doesn't judge! See all of our adoptable cats here.