Compassionate Hearts

Sometimes animals come to us sick, injured, and in need of special, sometimes costly, medical attention. Because we are a no-kill shelter, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to get every animal -- even those who need something extra -- ready to be adopted, and donations to our Compassionate Hearts Fund help to cover the cost of treatment. Won't you help one of these dear animals recover by donating to our Compassionate Hearts Fund


This TINY (3 pound) Chihuahua, surrendered because her owner "didn't have room for her," had almost no use of her back legs, and walked balanced on her front legs, with her back legs held off the ground,  She needed surgery to repair the luxating patella on both hind legs.  She is shown here right after surgery,  but now, after just two weeks, she is like a new dog -- prancing around happily, no longer in pain!

Dixie needs surgery

Found on the side of the road, Dixie, a 3-year-old Shih Tzu, had been hit by a car, and sustained a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip. And she was heartworm positive. Even in pain, she had such a sweet personality. Surgery has corrected the pelvis and hip injuries, and she is moving around well. Now she needs her heartworm treatment. BUT, that won't come until after she raises her puppies. Yes, we found that she was pregnant.


Meet Ivy! She is a very sweet 4 month old puppy who was born without full mobility of her back legs, but that doesn't stop her from getting around, as you can see in  her video on our Facebook page. We're working with our veterinarians to determine a possible cause and cure but it will likely be a long journey.


In January, we got a message about an urgent puppy at Barrow County Animal Control. A three month old rottweiler puppy was in need of immediate rescue due to a fractured humerus in his front right leg. The puppy is now safe at a Georgia SPCA foster home but his recovery journey has just begun. He's been given the name Trooper because he's not letting his injury dampen his spirit and is playing with his foster brothers and chewing things up like a puppy should.

Harry and Sally

Brother and sister Harry and Sally were born without eyelids.  They lived a very painful existence and were recently surrendered to the Georgia SPCA.  Harry had corrective surgery, and, while the stitches looked awful, he was already feeling better -- purring and licking Marjan, our Vet Tech -- the very next day.  Sally currently has a urinary tract infection, and she will have her surgery as soon as she's better. 

Have a Heart for Edgar

Hi, I'm Edgar, a lovable 1-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix.  The nice folks at GA SPCA rescued me from an animal control facility where my days were numbered.  I'm getting training and coaching from a fantastic trainer named Troy, and I was almost ready for my forever home when the staff discovered I have heartworms.  I'm being treated now and will be totally healthy and eager to romp in about 30 days.  

Little Red Riding Hood and and the big, bad wolf worm

This is little Red Riding Hood, a super sweet 12-week-old female orange tabby. She was found infested with 3 wolf worms, including one lodged in her throat, which inhibited her breathing. She underwent surgery recently to remove the parasites, and she was treated for an allergic reaction, swelling, dehydration, and possible infection. Her medical bills will total $500, but how could we turn her away?

Ella and Prince

Ella and Prince came to us skin and bones, with demodectic mange so severe that they had hair loss and sores down to their bones. Despite their pain, it was plain to see what wonderful loving puppies Ella and Prince are. Demodex is a noncontagious form of mange, and although their hair loss seems heartbreaking, their coat is improving every day.


Wilson is an 18-month-old Staffordshire terrier mix who had a rough start in life.  Wilson came to Gwinnett County Animal Control in January  after he was found as a stray.  He was scheduled to be put down several times, but was so beloved by the staff there, that they continued to keep him even though he has health issues and is not a highly adoptable breed.  On March 4, the GA SPCA rescued him and took him straight to the vet where he