Compassionate Hearts

Sometimes animals come to us sick, injured, and in need of special, sometimes costly, medical attention. Because we are a no-kill shelter, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to get every animal -- even those who need something extra -- ready to be adopted, and donations to our Compassionate Hearts Fund help to cover the cost of treatment. Won't you help one of these dear animals recover by donating to our Compassionate Hearts Fund

A Plea for Snowpea

Snowpea and her puppies were rescued from Toccoa/Stephens County Animal Control the day of the January snowstorm.  All are safe and sound in a loving foster home, and the pups will be available for adoption on 3/21.  However, Snowpea has heartworms, a potentially fatal condition if left untreated, so she will need to remain in foster care for an additional six weeks while she receives medication.  

Treatment cost:  $500

Healing hearts for Valentine's Day

Meet sweet Valentine, a 5-year-old Boston Terrier.  She is sure to steal your heart, but she needs your help to make her heart healthy again. Valentine has heartworms, a potentially fatal condition if left untreated. We rescued Valentine from Stephens County Animal Control, where she was taken when her family could no longer care for her.


Little "Stitch", a beautiful Russian Blue kitten, was brought to us by a Georgia SPCA supporter, after being maimed by a dog. He required extensive surgery to repair his wounds, and lost many of his baby teeth on one side of his jaw. The good news is, his eye was not lost, and he feels terrific. He's in a wonderful foster home, and is receiving ongoing medical care.


Atlas is a 4-month-old orange tabby that came to us from a hoarding situation.  He has a broken bone in one leg that caused his joint to deteriorate.  The veterinarian said the only way to let little Atlas live pain-free is to amputate his leg.

Treatment cost: $750

UPDATE:  Atlas was adopted December 8, 2013.


Orlando is an adorable 4-month-old chihuahua mix.  He is an adventurous little guy who attempted a great escape from a puppy pen by trying to climb the gate, but he fell and injured his left hind leg.  He is recovering very nicely, but can't be adopted until his cast comes off.  In the meantime, he is in foster care recovering and playing with friends, both two legged and four legged. 

Treatment cost: $300

Tiny Teddy (Norma Jean)

This is little Teddy. The vet believes he may have been thrown from a car. He was found with a severe injury to his chin.He is such a sweet little boy. We think he is around four weeks old. He is now resting nicely in one of our wonderful foster homes. We will keep you posted on his progress. He should be available for adoption in November.

Treatment cost: $250


Tough little fighters


​This is Genevieve. She and her kittens were pulled from an animal control facility, where they were picked up as strays. They all had severe respiratory and health issues. She has spent days in the hospital along with her two babies. She is now back at the center in quarantine but still requires quite a lot of medical attention as do her kittens. As you can imagine her medical bills are adding up. 


Meet Petunia!  She is a 3 1/2 pound young chihuahua we recently found huddled in a cage at a local Animal Control.  Cold, scared and alone, she still managed to wag her tail profusely and "smile" when a GASPCA employee spoke to her.   


Wilson, a 2-year-old pitifully thin Boxer/Hound mix, was rescued from an animal control facility in Rome, GA. The vet found that Wilson is heartworm-positive, has parasites, is anemic and is suffering from open wounds on his legs. He is receiving lots of loving care in his foster home, and will be treated for heartworms once he gains weight and strength. 

Treatment cost: $300