Compassionate Hearts

Sometimes animals come to us sick, injured, and in need of special, sometimes costly, medical attention. Because we are a no-kill shelter, we are committed to doing whatever is necessary to get every animal -- even those who need something extra -- ready to be adopted, and donations to our Compassionate Hearts Fund help to cover the cost of treatment. Won't you help one of these dear animals recover by donating to our Compassionate Hearts Fund


Wilson, a 2-year-old pitifully thin Boxer/Hound mix, was rescued from an animal control facility in Rome, GA. The vet found that Wilson is heartworm-positive, has parasites, is anemic and is suffering from open wounds on his legs. He is receiving lots of loving care in his foster home, and will be treated for heartworms once he gains weight and strength. 

Treatment cost: $300

Tibby (now Tiger)

Tibby, a 3-year-old Shepherd mix, was surrendered to the shelter when his owners could no longer care for him.  When our vet examined Tibby, she discovered a serious hip issue - he's missing the ball and socket in his right rear hip joint and needs a hip replacement. He appears to be in a lot of pain and has lost a considerable amount of weight, so he'll need to be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible.

Treatment cost:  $1,400.  


Beignet, a sweet Boxer mix, was rescued from animal control along with her five puppies just before they were scheduled to be put down.  The pups are healthy and adorable, but Beignet is having medical issues.  She was diagnosed heartworm-positive, and began receiving  treatment as soon as her pups were weaned.  However, a few days later she became very ill.  She had a 104-degree fever and her foster mom took her to the

Sampson and Delilah

Sampson and Delilah were found starving on the side of the road. They were rescued by Melanie, a wonderful caring volunteer. They spent two weeks being fostered by Melanie, receiving lots of nourishing food and the TLC they desperately needed.  They've both put on weight at a healthy rate, and Delilah is ready to be adopted!


Pink, a sweet pit mix with a terrible case of mange, was dumped in Dekalb County.  One of our volunteers, Kathy Hemmings, rescued Pink when she found her way to Kathy's office.  Kathy initially called animal control, but after spending a little time with Pink, she fell in love, and could see there was a beautiful puppy underneath the skin condition.  Pink has a non-contagious form of mange, but it requires treatment before her skin and fur will be no


This dear boy was adopted from us as a puppy, but was picked up as a stray by Augusta Animal Control in Sepember.  A volunteer retrieved Kevin and brought him back to the shelter, where he's spent the past few months.  He's about a year old now, and we recently discovered that he has hip dysplasia.

Treatment cost: Even with a discounted fee, his surgery will cost about $1,700.  


Forrest came to us from Gwinnett County Animal Control. The staff there told us that he had played a little rough with one of his siblings, and seemed to have hurt his left front paw. We watched him during his quarantine time, and while he did not seem to be in pain, he did still favor the one paw. There was no obvious injury but we treated him with pain medication anyway.


This sweet black lab was born with abnormally small eyes. But he is so smart that he is already learning how to compensate for his missing eyes with his other senses. He can find you in a room by following your voice if you talk to him. He is with a wonderful foster family, and they are helping him learn his way around. And he has already learned his name.


This 3-year-old Chihuahua mix, came to us from a vet's office where her owner had left her to be "put to sleep." Lelo had some medical issues that required testing and treatment; fortunately, none were life-threatening, though they certainly had an impact on her quality of life. She was treated for a urinary tract infection and chronic diarrhea.

Cost of initial testing and blood work cost approximately $150.