Asia's Story -- A Story of Rescue

Here is Suzanne's beautiful story about her involvement in rescuing a mama cat and her babies, with love and help from many caring people. (Sometimes it DOES take a village!)

"About three years ago, I noticed a small, older house with two other storage houses on a piece of property outside of my subdivision on a very busy road.

There was an older man living there in very modest means. He was also taking care of several cats. From time to time I noticed some kittens as well. He was providing food as best he could. I sometimes saw on the front porch the cats eating and curled up asleep.The front porch light was on for them at night. One day I saw a for sale sign posted on a tree. In a matter of a few months, the property was sold. Apparently, the man was asked to move, obviously abruptly, because a lot of his belongings were left behind. The property was in disarray with trash, old tires, paint cans, broken glass, etc. and not safe for the cats that were left there.

Soon a building permit went up. I called the number and spoke with the builder. I asked how long before the older house and storage buildings would be demolished. Half of the wooded area had already been cleared. I explained how the cats had been left and could I have permission to go on the property to feed them until the bulldozers were ready to demolish the house and clear up all the debris. He was so kind and understanding. The builder, even kept me posted the closer the time came for clearing the land.

Several weeks went by and someone walking by the houses noticed the cats on the porch. That person called the Georgia SPCA and reported that cats were there trying to survive. Jane and Chandler Lumbatis came out to observe thinking that the cats could be trapped, neutered and returned to the property. They left me a note asking me to call them. The note stated, they would be willing to help. This was truly a prayer answered. Since the cats could seek shelter under the houses I was so worried when the bulldozers would come and tear everything down. The cats might not be able to make it out in time.

Jane put me in contact with Carmela Quinlan who is a long time volunteer with the GA SPCA, as well as an experienced trapper with her own equipment. Carmela met me at the property to assess the situation. She was able to determine that these cats were not feral/community cats. They were very thin, hungry and cautious. Judging by her past experience with cats, she felt they could be socialized and in time adopted. Carmela went back to discuss her plan with Jane Lumbatis. It was agreed that the cats would be trapped, spayed/neutered, returned to the shelter to recuperate, and placed with fosters for socialization.

On Thursday, 4/21/16, Carmela met me with all the gear needed to start trapping the cats. I might add that among all this gear she even had a night camera to take pictures if they came out to eat at night. How awesome! She was very knowledgeable about setting the traps with care and consideration from the smallest detail of food, to covering the trap to keep the cats from panicking, to quickly carrying them back to the shelter as soon as one was caught. I learned so much from her. The first cat was trapped immediately that day.She was a dilute calico but unfortunately, she could not be spayed until Monday. I agreed to take her home with me. I placed her in the enclosed back porch of my house, where she was safe and secure. We named her Asia. The plan was that I would foster her. On Saturday night about 1 AM she was meowing very loudly because our neighbors dog was barking. So, I brought her in the house and put her in a bathroom. She was very content with that choice. All went well until Sunday evening about 4 PM. I had returned home and was leaving again to attend a ladies church meeting. I decided to check on her one last time before I left. Well, to my amazement, she had given birth to 4 kittens. One was "still born", the other 3 were tucked under her leg and nursing. Less than a year old herself, Asia had done a beautiful job of giving birth and caring for these precious tiny, tiny little things. She had cleaned them so well. Carmela was amazed how this all came about. Had she not been the first cat to be trapped her babies would have been born at the property and possibly not been found. Carmela and I believe there was indeed divine intervention taking place that day.

About a week and a half later 1 more kitten passed away. But the Lord had me present when the kitten died. I saw the most loving gesture made by a mother cat. She got up, came over and licked the kitten, as if she knew it was gone.That will remain in my memory forever. As weeks passed the other 2 kittens "thrived". So cute, a boy and a girl, I named them Sam and Ms Song.They were typical playful kittens. At times I laughed so hard I cried. I took them for regular visits at GA SPCA where they received their routine shots and workups for future adoption. Carmela made routine visits and follow ups at the shelter to check on all of the other cats she trapped at the property. There was a total of 7 cats trapped. It turned out there was 1 male and 6 females of which 4 were pregnant. All the cats were dilute in color, possibly fathered by the one male.

Then, before I knew it, foster time was over. Sam and Ms Song would need to leave me and their Mom to go on to a new journey. I returned them to the shelter and went to visit them a few days later. They remembered me and we played together. About a week passed and I went back to visit them again and I received the most wonderful words a foster Mom could hear. "They were adopted together."

I kept Asia, their Mom, at home with me for a few more weeks to fatten her up. Deep in my heart, I wanted so badly to keep her. Knowing that being on the abandon property, being caught and taken to a strange place, then giving birth to kittens, 2 dying, she did not need another move in her life. My husband did not want any more animals, as I have several cats of my own and caring for my sons 2 dogs until he gets a fenced yard was just too much. Again with prayer, my husband began to understand how very special Asia was to me. She and I had gone through so much together.

How awesome! Their story began with an understanding property builder, a prayer for help, a passer by to call the shelter, a note left by caring ladies, an offer to help, a lady devoted to animals beyond words, to trap them, routine care by the shelter, and last but not least, finding them a home no matter how long it takes. All these cats were truly blessed.

Yes, he agreed, Asia was home!"