Cisco's in His Forever Home

Doesn't this face make your heart melt? Two-year-old Cisco was an owner surrender. And thank heavens he came to us! He had spent much of his young life locked in a crate and mistreated by the home's young children, who would push his crate down the steps with Cisco in it. Is it any wonder this little guy didn't trust people?

Fortunately, we were able to put him straight into a loving foster home. After a few weeks, he was ready for the next stage in his life, and we moved him to the shelter where his perfect family could find him. But, his woes were not over....Just as we were ready to list him as "adoptable," he broke with parvo, a deadly disease that usually only affects puppies, and he had to spend a full week at the vet. He was so sick that even the vet was surprised that he pulled through. But being poked and prodded during treatment and kept in a cage just reinforced his earlier mistrust, and he was scared and defensive when he got back to the shelter. Back to his foster home he went, and overnight his lovebug personality re-emerged!

Finally, this lovely woman stopped in to inquire about him. She had seen him on our website in the past and assumed he had been adopted. (We had removed his listing when he got sick, but she just happened to check our website the exact same day he was relisted with a clean bill of health.) Both Cisco and his adopter have so much love to give, and it truly feels like they were meant to be together.