If I Fit, I Sit?

Every cat lover knows that cats can do some strange things for no obvious reasons.  I’ve had cats who seem to focus on an unseen-by-me object in the corner of the room, or in the air. Are they seeing spirits? The reflection from my computer or phone screen in a dark room? A fly or mosquito? I don’t know.

And why are cats absolutely obsessed with getting into the bathroom when we’re in the bathroom? And then there’s the “if I fit, I sit” phenomenon of cats squeezing themselves into the smallest enclosed spaces – gift boxes, packing boxes, shoe boxes, bathroom sinks, tennis shoes. We’ve seen that happen in our homes and in internet photos.

I can understand the attraction of boxes – I can see that cats might feel secure in an enclosed space. But I found something interesting on an internet site today - a fellow noticed that, when no box was available, his cat liked sitting inside the circle that an electrical cord made on the floor. So he made a circle on the floor with some colored masking tape. The cat sat in the circle. He made another circle next to the first one – the cat moved from the first circle to sit in the second circle of tape! Just tape! No walls, just tape. Then he made a square on the floor with tape – the cat sat in the square.


Other cat owners tried this with various materials – tape, a belt, a circle of fruit!

I am going to try this with my four cats and if you try it too, I hope you’ll post a photo as a comment on this blog post, or on our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/SPCAGeorgia) – Why do YOU think cats do this??