Koal's New Beginning

This is 2-year-old Koal. He was dumped at a vacant lot in January of 2016. Other stray dogs lived there so we guess that is why his humans left him there. The kind lady who stopped to feed the dogs there knew he was special. He would sit for treats, he would let her spoon feed him, and sometimes, he would let her pet him on the head, but he was too scared to let her catch him. Over time he started losing weight -- so much that she found the collar he was wearing when he was dumped lying in the dirt. It had slipped right off over his head. Monday, Then, on January 2nd, his life was changed forever. He was rescued from that awful place by some good Samaritans who brought him to the Georgia SPCA for help. He has been to the doctor for a physical, he was given a good bath and he received all of his vaccines. Unfortunately, he left the vet's office with 6 different medications!


His medical report:

  • Heartworms, for which he will need treatment
  • Demodex Mange (a non-contagious skin condition that is treated with topical and/or oral medications)
  • A yeast infection on his skin and in his ears
  • 2 small growths that will need to be removed
  • Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease usually treated with a course of antibioti

These are common medical issues often found in dogs that have been abandoned and left to live on their own. Also, following his Heatworm treatment, Kole will need to be neutered before he is ready for adoption.

Unfortunately, Kole is only one of thousands of dogs trying to survive life on the streets, but he is one of the lucky ones. He is rescued!  Please help us to help Kole and other dogs just like him by donating to his compassionate hearts fundWe estimate that Koal's medical bills will total about $1,500.

We also need a foster for Koal.  He is in a temporary foster home and his foster mom says he is a wonderful, calm boy who has obviously lived in a home before. He walks great on a leash, he goes right into his crate when told, and he has had no accidents in the house or in his crate. He is just a little shy so he needs more attention than she can give him. If you are interested in fostering Koal, contact the Georgia SPCA at  678-765-2726 to arrange to meet him.

UPDATE:  Koal is such a sweet boy, and his foster mom says it is obvious that he has been someone's pet in the past. He is crate trained and house trained, and he is getting used to being around people again. Kathy says that when she comes into the room, he wags his tail.  And last week, after he was outside in the yard for a little while, she found him sitting patiently at theback door, waiting to be let in.  These may not sound like big steps, but for dog who lived outside on his own for a long time, this is real progress!  Koal is ready to start his Heartworm treatment, so he will need to be kept very inactive for several weeks while the treatment is working.