A Calico Cat Named Sweet Pea Needs Your Help

Here's what rescuer Carmela says about this sweet girl: This calico cat with a sweet and gentle soul was rescued on 11-13-16, just in time to allow the Georgia SPCA to save her life. She was a free roaming cat. Her name would become Sweet Pea without a doubt. She is approximately two+ years old, weighing only four pounds and very sick. She was in respiratory distress. Her mouth was open as she struggled to breath with dried and thick nasal discharge. Her gums were very inflamed, indicating severe Stomatitis with swelling and thickening in the back of her throat. She was dehydrated and malnourished. Taken to Emergency Veterinary Specialists, she was given fluids, antibiotics and a steroid injection. Her foster Mom was concerned since she would not eat, understandably so because of the pain in her mouth, throat and trouble breathing. Never giving up on her by using a syringe for feeding and with tender loving care she showed some improvement. She purred and became a lap cat. Not out of the woods yet, more antibiotics were needed and this little sweetheart was a trooper. She had to have 7 teeth extracted and her mouth issues treated, and she had to be spayed. She is recovering with her foster and our hopes for her are getting stronger each day. Now we need some Compassionate Hearts to help us cover the costs of getting Sweet Pea on the road to recovery.  May your hearts be touched so that Sweet Pea's heart can sing.


Sweet Pea is making good progress.  But her veterinary costs are estimated at about $730.  You can help by making a donation to Sweet Pea's Compassionate Hearts fund

Update:  On 1/28/17, Sweet Pea went back to Lanier Animal Hospital for a physical examination.  The exam findings are promising.  She now weighs 5.76 pounds.  She is playing and eating well.  Her breathing is better and she is no longer coughing and sneezing.  Her oral exam showed some gingivitis/stomatitis still, but swelling is greatly improved, and her teeth look great.

She will remain with her foster mom for now. We are hoping for an understanding person that will accept her with patience and love when she is ready to be adopted. If you are interested in meeting Sweet Pea or have questions please call, Sherry at 770 630-0887 or Carmela at 770 271-9046. Sweet Pea's adoption fee is being sponsored by a generous donor in memory of her dear cousin.
Here's the story Sweet Pea's foster mom, Sherry wrote about her:
Some may already know of Sweet Pea’s journey, but, for those of you just tuning in:
Sweet Pea was first noticed at a very young age;  very sick, weak and frail  living and ignored on the streets of Sugar Hill.  She stayed behind the scenes suffering alone and was almost overlooked.  She was among other cats in the area but always kept to herself to avoid any confrontation and reluctant to eat with the others.  Her life was fading fast and every breath was a struggle for her. 
One fateful day  she surrendered and was brought to an ER Hospital where she was treated.    The ER doctors didn’t have much hope for her but she was taken in by a foster and quickly named Sweet Pea because of her demeanor.  She accepted treatment, medication and many visits to the vet  for months, which made her nervous, but she always bounced back  and in her own way thanked us with head bumps and a nonstop purring machine.   
Sweat Pea is just that!!! A sweet little petite, curious, little one that just wants to get to know her surroundings and find her final place where she will be brave to embrace.  She quickly became friends with the fosters’ 80 pound shepherd so I have no doubt that she will be the little one that risks and gives her all.
Below, see Sweet Pea meeting her foster mom's dog, Tater, for the first time.