Hello my name is Niblet. I came to the Georgia SPCA in January of 2016 from animal control. I was only a baby and weighed a little over a pound. My ears were infected  and full of ear mites. I also had to be treated for an eye infection because my eyes were crusty and had discharge. After a few days my ears improved but my eyes did not. I developed a serious URI and had to make a trip to the emergency vet because of my breathing issues. I was later diagnosed with Feline Herpes Virus. I have made several trips to the vet to find the right course of treatment. I have also developed ulcers in my eyes that cause me a lot of pain. I am on the right path to recovery but have to take a lot of medications everday which can be very expensive. Besides my eye issues I am happy and healthy and have packed on 3lbs! I love hanging out with my foster Mom and can't wait to recover so I can find a loving furreverr home. Would you consider donating to my Compassionate Hearts Fund so I may continue treatment? Just click here :) Love Niblet.