Percy Stewart, Doodle Extraordinaire!

We love Happy Tails, and here's a sweet one, as told by Percy's Mom, Tammy:   Percy was adopted by our family and has begun the work of a little Doodle in the mountains of Southwest Virginia!  His days begin with checking the chicken coop for fresh eggs...and he loves the morning dew in the grass.  Next he helps give the ducks their fresh water...he's a gentle soul.
He takes Solomon and Olympia down to the bus stop and then joins his pack of friends (Teddy, Toby, Lucy, Tess, Popo, and Otis) for a long hike in the mountains.  He loves rolling around in dry leaves.  And he loves to swim! He can't pass up a creek or a pond without jumping in!  (He might even jump in the tub with whoever is taking a bath!)
He takes a sun spot nap for as long as he likes every afternoon...then he is ready to play with his brothers Otis and Popo and practice his tricks!!  He has gained 6 pounds!  Loves to eat.
Before we know it, he's the Uber dog driving teenagers all over town for lacrosse and track, dances and dinners... He was the guest of honor at a "Welcome Home Percy" slumber party with 10 teenage girls - and he loved all of the attention!
He watches the evening news every night before snuggling up to Mom and Dad in bed.
His future is bright with plans to become a Good Citizenship pup and therapy dog!  
Percy Stewart is a gift from above.  We just adore him. ❤
Thank YOU, Tammy, for giving this little guy his forever home!