Piglet (now Cash) Hits the Jackpot!

Just look at that sweet face!   Jason shared this wonderful story: "Three years ago, today, Cash(aka 'Piglet') officially joined our family. He's all grown up, now, and such a blessing. He's a major influence, in our home, and shares his wisdom with June, our female Staffie that we found on the street, last summer. I can't stress enough, how grateful we are to GASPCA, for giving our boy a fighting chance. An average of 1 million pitbull/bully dogs, alone, are euthanized in this country. That number is staggering!!!

It saddens me to think- how many 'Cashs' and 'Junes' are destroyed, never allowed to live and show just how awesome they are?

My family thanks the GASPCA for all that you do.

Cash thanks you, too...