Rocky: From Sweet to Handsome (Still Sweet)

We love Happy Tales! You never know when Cupid will strike! Here's proof that when it's meant to be....Stephanie writes:

"We adopted Rocky (previously Brenton/Eddy - there was some confusion on his shelter name) on January 24, 2016. We had actually been looking for a dog for quite a few months before, traveling to multiple shelters. We were actually thinking an adult dog might suit our family better and had expressed interest in a few other dogs but we seemed to take too long to make a decision and the dogs would get adopted by another family. Our kids are a bit older now (13 and 10) and we have a busy lifestyle so thought a puppy might be a lot of work.

Well, that changed when we met Rocky at just 8 weeks old. We put a deposit down and decided to go home and talk about it as a family. As we were leaving, one of the shelter employees followed us out stating that it was possible Brenton/Eddy might already be adopted. They said they would call us back and let us know. We said to the kids that if he's already adopted then maybe it's just not meant to be. We got a call later that day that he was indeed available for adoption and we knew it WAS meant to be.

It's important to know that I was the most reluctant to adopt - as a working mother/wife I was having a hard time thinking about taking care of one more thing. A year later, I cant imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest, most well-behaved and loving companion we could ask for. Thank you for everything you and the Georgia SPCA do! I've enclosed a few of our favorite pictures. "