Sweet Archie is on the Mend!

Archie came to us pitifully thin, and refusing to eat, after being abandoned.  We had him checked out by our vet, and after bloodwork, x-rays, and exploratory surgery, it was found that his intestine was blocked by some string and a rubber band.  The damaged bit of Archie's intestine was removed, along with several foreign objects.  And now --- Archie is on the mend, starting to eat and gain some much-needed weight.  He is such a sweet, gentle cat, and now he will have a chance at a loving home.

Archie's final bill came tp $1.400.00!  We help animals like Archie through the help of our Compassionate Hearts Fund.  If you'd like to help cover the cost of Archie's medical care, please donate here.


Update:  Here's a picture of Archie on his return visit to Lanier Animal Hospital to have his stitches removed.  He'll soon be ready for adoption!

Udate: Here's more recent picture of Archie, full of energy, and looking the picture of health. He is now  available for adoption!