Sweet Finley Hit the Jackpot With a Family Who Dotes on Him!

Hi, my name is Finley Thomas Sleeper. I am a Bichon/Maltese/Jack Russell mix. I was known as Milo, while I was at Georgia SPCA, where the awesome staff nursed me back to health after a car accident. I was adopted by the Sleeper family on October 8, 2017. My dad and my mom (to be) visited me almost every day for 2 weeks before I was adopted. They said, they wanted to make sure that I knew I was going home with them as soon as I was completely healed from the accident. Once I got home with my mom and dad, they gave me a new name, Finley Thomas, and then introduced me to my new big brother, Quincy Hubert, supposedly a Lhasa Apso and Poodle Mix. Quincy is so nice. He lets me have all the toys and even shares his favorite treats with me. He also lets me climb all over him, nibble on his ears, sniff his butt, and snuggles me to sleep. Mom says I have too much energy compare to Quincy; so when the weather allows, we go for 2 mile run in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Even after all that running, sometimes I still have tons of energy so I go to doggy day camp twice a week. Because I can play with anyone and everyone, teachers at daycamp started calling me Fearless Finley. Once I was properly potty trained and understood basic commands, dad started to bringing me to work twice a week too! Dad works at a law firm where sometimes sad people come in. They see me and become less sad and sometimes happy too. Dad says my job is to Keep Calm and Be Happy. I am very good at that. In the evening we usually watch evening news and I play with Quincy and then fall asleep in mommy's arms. She is really good at giving back scratches. OH! I almost forgot, we also have really good human friend who comes by once a week. Her name is Sahara. She comes once a week and goes for a leisurely walk with me and Quincy. It is really nice because she lets me smell everything and doesn't say "no" as much, like mom and dad. Overall, I dare say, my life is good! So, once again, thank you Georgia SPCA for caring for me when I really had no one who cared for me, and also for finding me a family. Thanks to you, I get to Keep Calm and Be Happy!!! Have a Pawsome Day, everyone!