The Canine Connection

How is the Dog Hair Battle Going at Your House?


Dog Hair – If you have a dog, you have plenty of it.  I saw an ad on Facebook for a t-shirt that said “Dog Hair – I Don’t Care”.  I may as well feel that way because there is always dog hair in my house – on the floor, on the furniture and on me and that black jacket in the closet.  The person who invented the Swiffer dry mop is my hero.

Is Your Dog Afraid of Thunder & Lightning?

In an unbelievable instant, my home was hit by lightning a few months ago.  The noise was terrifying.  There was no fire, but it took quite a while after the fire department left to get my 2 little dogs out from under the bed.  I have always heard my friends talk about their canine “thunder chickens” who are terrified of the least bit of thunder – now I have two of my own.


Finding the Perfect Match.

 If you are reading this you have likely encountered a variety of dogs who need homes.  Some are puppies that are so cute, irresistible and some older more mature dogs that have a little life experience. These dogs are past puppy training stage and are ready to give you love and demand less of you.  Each type of dog has merit, but let’s look at some true accounts of more mature, adopted dogs that found forever homes.


Early in her young life, Abbey learned to open doors and would not be denied access to any room in our home.  She let herself into the cupboard, bedroom, and even onto the deck. To keep her out, we promptly started locking rooms behind us.  She still opens doors, but we no longer lock her in or out.  From her ,and the last year at the park, I learned to stop locking doors and open up.