Ella and Prince

Ella and Prince came to us skin and bones, with demodectic mange so severe that they had hair loss and sores down to their bones. Despite their pain, it was plain to see what wonderful loving puppies Ella and Prince are. Demodex is a noncontagious form of mange, and although their hair loss seems heartbreaking, their coat is improving every day. They have spent a week at the vet, and continue to receive daily baths and medications.

We have made the decision to make these puppies available for adoption in spite of their appearance for two reasons. First, in a few months, when their hair has grown back, they will no longer be young puppies, and secondly, because we know there is a special someone out there who will be able to look beyond their appearance and see the great family pets these two are destined to be. 

UPDATE:  Ella was adopted in June, 2015, and Prince was adopted the next month!
Here are some pictures after treatment:
Ella Now Prince Now