Em's Furry Friends


Please support Emily with her project to help homeless pets!

"Did you know that more than 100,000 cats and dogs are killed in Atlanta each year because they have nowhere to live!?  The Georgia SPCA rescues animals from animal control shelters and gets them ready to be adopted.  Many times pets are neglected and sick.  They need medical tests, vaccinations, flea/tick/deworming treatments, a microchip and to be spayed or neutered before they can be adopted. 

It costs the Georgia SPCA $100 to get a dog or cat ready to be adopted.  They need our help!  My friends and I are doing several projects to help raise money and get supplies for them.  I think it's very important to help these animals and to find them a safe and loving home.  It's so sad that animals are killed and I want to help them.  Please consider donating. :)"

Thank you!  Emily

You can help Emily provide care and comfort to our dear rescues while they await their forever homes with a donation here.

Photos below: Mozambique and her six 3-week old kittensTerry and her four 3-week-old pups; Peaches, a 2-week-old kitten; Spaniel pups Andy and Angie.