Board & Governance

The Georgia SPCA is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2007.  We operate under bylaws revised in October 2015.   We receive no public funding, nor are we associated with any other organization, including the ASPCA.  We are proud that 94.8% of monies expended by the Georgia SPCA goes directly to support program goals.

The Georgia SPCA is governed by an uncompensated Board numbering not less than 5 or more than 11 members.  Board members are elected for two-year terms, staggered to insure continuity. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting in January.  

Notice of the Annual Meeting will be announced in the local public media thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. At the Annual Meeting, the Board makes its annual report, and the slate of candidates compiled by the Nominating Committee is presented and voted on.  

The Board will meet a minimum of six (6) times each year. Unless re-scheduled, Board meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Georgia SPCA shelter, 1175 Hwy 23, Suwanee, GA.  

Approved 2017 minutes are available here.

If you have questions or would like to register a concern, feel free to contact the board.

The 2017 budget totals approximately $786,000.   Each year, the organization files a Form 990 tax return where we report income and expenses.

Board Members

Cindy Allen 
Term: 2016-2017
Rhonda Boyd
Vice President
Term: 2016-2017 
Anne Heath
Term: 2017-2018
David Rahn
Term: 2016-2017

Gina Lanphear
Term: 2016-2018

Marc Cohen
Term: 2017-2018

Bonnie Rich 
Term: 2017-2018

Margot Vetrovsky
Term: 2017-2018

David Sullivan
Term: 2017-2018

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