Gunner's story

You'd never believe it to look at this picture, but Gunner was a dog whose future looked bleak. In fact, he had no future. Skin and bones, and trusting no one, he was scheduled for euthanasia the very day that we rescued him from a local animal control facility.

Gunner was a bundle of energy who stole our hearts.  He lived for months with a foster famiy, just learning to be around and trust people again.  We took him to many adoption events, but because he barked at everyone and became fearful towards some people, he never "showed" well.  Finally, one day, a call came saying a family was interested in adopting Gunner!  The family was so excited to meet him, but they had a young boy who Gunner just did not warm up to.

That same day, another adopter was at the shelter.  She wasn't sure the dog she was considering would fit in with her other dogs, and with her active, outdoor lifestyle.

Then she met Gunner.  This once fearful, untrusting dog walked up to Cynthia and crawled into her lap, and they have been inseparable ever since.  Cynthia had this to say about her boy:

"I was fortunate to meet Gunner just after my dog, Leeloo, started having health issues. When I met Gunner I knew immediately he would fit right in with the family.. He was a great friend to Leeloo before she passed and brought out the puppy in her. Gunner was and continues to be a sweet blessing for us."