Meet Hammie (formerly Louie)

Meet Hammie, (formerly Louie) who came to the Georgia SPCA in May of 2012 from another rescue. He was taken in as a foster with one of our wonderful volunteers and board member Louise Galaska. Louise had this to say about her "furbaby".
"Hammie first came to our house a couple of years ago as a foster kitten named Louie. I quarantined Louie in my "kitten room", but one day, when I opened the door to the room, he shot out and I thought, "Oh this could be bad! When he sees Amy sitting at the top of the stairs just a few feet away, this kitten is going to freak out at the sight of a big, unfamiliar German Shepherd and I'll never catch him!" Well, the minute Louie saw Amy, he ran over to her, looked up at her, looked down the stairs and then back up at Amy again, as if to say, "OK, time to explore! Let's go!" Louie took to Amy as if they'd been raised together! After Louie returned to the adoption center, he developed some health problems that kept him out of the adoption pool for several weeks. I couldn't get out of my head the picture of this sweet little guy stuck in quarantine all by himself; when he finally was well enough to be available for adoption, my son Nick, who was living in his own apartment at the time, was looking for a cat and I encouraged him to take Louie. Renamed Hammie (after the mischievous squirrel in the Over the Hedge comic strip), this big bundle of furry orange love came back to live at my house shortly thereafter (moms and dads, that's never happened to you, has it??) and I love him to bits! He is a big, laid-back boy who is still Amy's best friend. Hammie is totally unflappable, and welcomes foster cats and kittens into the household without batting an eye. When I fostered a very, very timid cat, named Benedict, Hammie bonded with him immediately, providing him with companionship and security, and now that "B-man" has moved in permanently, the two boys are best buds. He's the most easy-going cat I've ever had, though his habit of head-butting his sleeping people for attention at 2 AM is a mixed blessing!"
There is nothing better than a happy ending in animal rescue, so we will end this tale with one. On December 8, 2012, Hammie became part of the Galaska family.  Happy tails, Hammie!