Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Oliver (formerly Peppermint)

It doesn't get much better than this Happy Tale! Little Peppermint (now Oliver) got a forever home on Christmas Eve a few weeks ago! He's pictured here with his new best buddy, and his mom says he purred the whole evening on his first night in his new home. Doesn't Oliver already look like the king of his castle? That's what we hope for - lucky little guy!

Gidget Finds her Forever Home!

Kathy Hemmings has this to say about the very special dog she has loved and championed while looking for the perfect home for Gidget: "Gidget is a beautiful, smart, sweet, loving, funny, patient and special girl. Her life started out rough and it took 17 months to find her the perfect family that she can call her own but I would not have missed one single second of those 17 months. I am so happy for her and her new family.

Joey's Story

Joey came to the Georgia SPCA in January of 2014 when his owner moved and could not take him along. Joey was a high energy puppy that needed a home where he would be able to get further training and lots of exercise. In March of 2014 Richard and Carla Quinn came along and found Joey at an adoption event being held at PetSmart in John’s Creek. This is what his family had to say about him. :

Hello World! I'm Boomer!

This handsome boy is Boomer – B.B. in another, horrible life. He is an amazing dog, one of the “Griffin Mud Dogs” rescued by Atlanta-area animal rescues. These animals were part of a hoarding situation – 37 dogs who had lived their entire lives outside in cages – in the mud. They ate when food was thrown over the fence to them, and it was every dog for himself. They had never known love and human companionship.

Della won the lottery -- she got a loving "Mom" and a sister!

This little girl is the ever lovable Della. She belongs to one of our wonderful volunteers, Anne Heath. Della was rescued from Fulton County Animal Services in November of 2009, when they ran out of room to house incoming animals. Della was a 2 year old, pregnant mom who gave birth to some adorable puppies that found their homes quickly.

Gunner's story

You'd never believe it to look at this picture, but Gunner was a dog whose future looked bleak. In fact, he had no future. Skin and bones, and trusting no one, he was scheduled for euthanasia the very day that we rescued him from a local animal control facility.

Robin's Story

When we went to the Georgia SPCA we were looking to adopt a baby boy kitten. As the lady led us to the kittens, I saw Holly (now known as Robin) immediately- stretching her long legs out of the cage looking at me with hopeful eyes. I knew, based on her tortie color and name, she was a girl- so we carried on looking at the boy kittens. After holding all of the boys, I continued to keep my eye on the little girl.

Wilson...one lucky dog!

As we moved from 2013 to 2014 and were thinking about what we hoped would be a better year ahead for ourselves, our families and loved ones, Wilson was out on the streets.  He suffered from demodectic mange (the non-contagious type), a yeast infection in his skin, a double ear infection and double eye infection.  Most of his fur was missing.  All he had was a patch about the size of a nickel.

Gizmo Future Dog Therapist

Sonya shared a "Happy Tail" -- "I adopted Gizmo a year ago, March 21.  I specifically acopted him with the goal of dog therapy in mind.  While that training has gotten postponed due to various unexpected circumstances, I still do plan to begin training with him. He is such a sweetheart! His number one like is being held, loved, and adored by his human family. Next comes most any small squeaky toy. We all love him so much, taking him with us whenever we can.