Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Happy Cash

Remember Piglet? He's now named Cash, in honor of his adopter's favorite singer, Johnny Cash. Here's a photo of Piglet when we first rescued him from Floyd County Animal Control, and a photo of him now. His foster mom babysat him last weekend, and was very happy to find he remembered her. He's grown into a very happy, well behaved boy, and has a wonderful home.

Loving Oliver

Jen Rasnake shared a "happy tail":
Thank you very much for offering the low cost vaccination clinic it is such a help. Your volunteers were very nice and it was such a quick and easy process. I am passing on the info to others. I adopted a dog (Oliver in the pic) from you last Thanksgiving and have been soo happy with my little guy. Keep up the good work!

Beautiful Brownie

Here's a Happy Tail from Brownie (on the left), who was with the GA SPCA for quite some time before being adopted last month. Brownie says life is good, she has slimmed down and loves the early morning walks in the park with step-sister Della, also adopted from GA SPCA in 2010. Keep in touch, Brownie.

Wonderful Winston

Toni Elliott Shrewsbury wrote:  "We adopted our Winston from the SPCA 4 years ago. None of us in the family can even imagine what our lives would be like without him. He's the light of our lives!"

Mi amiga

Cathy Campbell Jordan Wrote: "Amiga (formerly Mandy) has been with us for a week and a half. She is fitting right in, and we all love her! She and the dogs have become friends, although the dachshund doesn't trust her. Small wonder, since Amiga hides and then jumps out at her. :"-) Amiga is gaining weight, and her fur is growing out. She's a sweet, purring, people-loving cat. Thank you, Ga SPCA, for mi Amiga!"

Honey the cat

Happy endings are not as common in real life as they are in fairy tales. Which is why the story of Honey the cat seemed destined for a sad conclusion. She was found in Douglasville, in wretched condition, with a computer chip that identified her as coming from the Netherlands. For weeks the Georgia SPCA was trying to find her owners or, at least, a home for the holidays. And ...then...today.....well, let's take you back a bit.

Beautiful Bella

Ashley R. Weaver wrote:  "Camryn joined her new family yesterday. She has been named Bella by my 4 yr old. She fits right into our family. She has a 5yr old golden Ret.brother that loves her already! Along with us!"

8-3-13 update: Ashley R. Weaver sent us this update: "Bella (Camryn) loves her BIG brother Hudson. They are both doing great together."  

Maid of honor

Angela Scandrett wrote: “This is Abbey (formerly Roseanne) and she is our pride and joy! She is literally like a child to us. Abbey was my maid of honor in our wedding on June 29. I just wanted to share a photo and also say thank you again to the GA SPCA for giving her and her litter mates a second chance at life. We couldn't imagine our lives without her; we both love her so much!!”

Happy Greeter

Kateland Rose wrote: “This is a picture of Juliet who's been renamed Mavis. She's doing absolutely wonderfully - loves looking out the window and always sleeps with me and greets me when I come home. Even lies on my books when I'm trying to read! Just wanted to let you know she's doing very well and I couldn't be happier!”