Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Beautiful Bella

Ashley R. Weaver wrote:  "Camryn joined her new family yesterday. She has been named Bella by my 4 yr old. She fits right into our family. She has a 5yr old golden Ret.brother that loves her already! Along with us!"

8-3-13 update: Ashley R. Weaver sent us this update: "Bella (Camryn) loves her BIG brother Hudson. They are both doing great together."  

Maid of honor

Angela Scandrett wrote: “This is Abbey (formerly Roseanne) and she is our pride and joy! She is literally like a child to us. Abbey was my maid of honor in our wedding on June 29. I just wanted to share a photo and also say thank you again to the GA SPCA for giving her and her litter mates a second chance at life. We couldn't imagine our lives without her; we both love her so much!!”

Happy Greeter

Kateland Rose wrote: “This is a picture of Juliet who's been renamed Mavis. She's doing absolutely wonderfully - loves looking out the window and always sleeps with me and greets me when I come home. Even lies on my books when I'm trying to read! Just wanted to let you know she's doing very well and I couldn't be happier!”

Izzy all grown up

Memrie and Janet wrote: “December 22, 2011 I was dropping off donations to you when this tiny kitten entered your doors. She was maybe 3 weeks old hissing and scared. I held her as my heart did flips. I was not a cat person you see, but there was something about her. January 19th we were there again for a visit and there she was. Intake December 22! We adopted her and called her Izzy, Isabella when she’s bad, and she makes our world complete.

Love at first sight

"We adoped our dog Sam from the Georgia SPCA about a year and a half ago. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving our baby. He is one of our family and we love him more than can be put into a FB post. I have posted a photo of him to see if you remember him - you guys called him Pepper and held him from going to an adoption day so I could come and meet him. Love at first sight."

Kittens rescued from a well

Last August, Duluth postal worker Danny Towe got a surprise when he went to check the postal station’s water meter - five newborn kittens and their mother were nestled in the well that houses the meter. He put a sweater in the nest to keep them cozy, left them in the care of their Mom, and checked on them periodically over the next few weeks.

Bear's success story

A young lady named Madison shared this: "When I first met Bear (named Cinnamon at the time) at the shelter she was about to undergo treatment for mange. She had barely any fur at all and was a very calm dog. Still, I fell in love with her immediately. It was right before Christmas 2009, and I was begging my parents to get me a puppy. My mom told me we could go and look but we weren't getting one that day.

Spice success story

"I adopted Baby, a brown and white tabby, in early September. It's two months later, and I have to share how absolutely wonderful she is! I renamed her Spice, because she has a spicy, happy personality. She is smart as a whip, and amazed me the first night when she retrieved a catnip puffball and deposited it in my lap! That’s one of the games we play now.

Walks like a duck

My story is about rescuing a kitten who had been orphaned because his mother had been run over. He was about 9-12 days old when it happened. My father always hated cats but I refused to just leave him to starve. I feed him on a bottle and he's now eating kitten food. I named him Duck because of the way he walked when I found him. He already has a permanent home once he's fully litter box trained.

Baloo success story

This is our sweet kitty Baloo. We adopted him almost a year ago at the age of about 3 1/2 months. He has been the best cat we could have asked for and the whole family loves him dearly. I know he was rescued at about 2 weeks and was bottle fed, and spent a good bit of time at the shelter. As a result he is patient with us loving on him, laid-back around dogs, and has the best personality ever. Thank you to all who cared for him and the many other deserving animals

Monsieur Pierre

Let me tell you about Pierre, my 6 year old love bug!! I was heart broken after losing my beloved cat, Violet, who I had for 16.5 years, just 6 weeks prior to meeting Pierre at the Georgia SPCA. If I got another cat, I had originally thought I wanted a kitten, but couldn't resist this large, soft, fuzzy Frenchman. I am so glad we found each other, as his prior family had to give him up due to a child's allergy. He's super sweet, gentle, smart and well house-trained.

Sweet Chloe

Josie Wahl writes: "I adopted my girl Chloe (was Cleo at the shelter) in May of last year. She is the sister to Monkey I believe. They look identical. She is the best dog in the whole world!!! She is so loving, great with my children and so eager to please. I bet Monkey is the same way!! Thank you SPCA for helping us find our sweet girl!"

Brotherly love

Lauren Taylor Carpenter writes: "Here is Forrest with his new brother Tito Carpenter. Tito was adopted from the SPCA 3 years from a pitbull fighting ring and is now the best dog! Now he and his new brother sleep all day on the couch and go to Doggie Day care everyday at The Paw Plex! You can come int he store and see the boys, since they are new official greeters of the store!!!