Happy Tails

This blog is truly full of "happy tails" -- stories about animals who were rescued by the Georgia SPCA and were adopted into their forever homes. To add your own, click here.

Walks like a duck

My story is about rescuing a kitten who had been orphaned because his mother had been run over. He was about 9-12 days old when it happened. My father always hated cats but I refused to just leave him to starve. I feed him on a bottle and he's now eating kitten food. I named him Duck because of the way he walked when I found him. He already has a permanent home once he's fully litter box trained.

Luxurious Layla

Angie Bullard Adams wrote:  "This is Layla we adopted her in 2007 from your Suwanee location. You guys rescued her her from Hall and she was with y'all for about 7 months. I met her once and fell in love and so did my children she was and still is full of energy:). I just want to say thank you for letting us adopt such a sweet dog. She is so wonderful with my 3 kids and she is my 3 year olds best friend. We have made such good memories with her and will continue to.

Mr. Outdoors

Bonnie Mitchell Willms writes: “Happy Valentine's Day to our SPCA doggie - Winston! We adopted him almost a year and a half ago when we moved here from Chicago and he has brought so much joy to our lives! He goes everywhere with us including trailin/muddin in our Jeep Rubicon (North Georgia Mountains), Lake Lanier and the local dog parks. Thank you to Frances Aguilar for the beautiful photos! Love you Winston - Joe & Bonnie” 

Boo-tiful girl

Katie Surico writes: "Thank You SO much to the Georgia SPCA for everything they have done for us and being there for us through this adoption process! We picked up our BEAUTIFUL baby girl this morning and she is doing GREAT! Sophie or as they knew her Boo has made herself at home and loves her new mommy and daddy! She loves all her new toys and bed and running in the backyard! THANKS for everything you all do for these pets! We will be back to visit soon."

Elsa and Jet get married

Sarah writes: "This is what happens when you leave a very tolerant Elsa with 5-year-old Maren! She makes Elsa and Jet get married all the time, and now they have a "baby"(pictured). We love our SPCA kitties--thank you!" We adopted Jet (our black kitty) and his sister Elsa, an orange tabby. We were only planning on getting one kitten, but they needed each other--they still do!

Happy Jack

We adopted Tito in early November 2011 - a 6-month-old beagle retriever mix. We have renamed him Jackson. He has been an amazing addition to our family. "Jack" is gentle, kind and very loving. He is anything you could ask for in a dog. We have had no issues getting him house trained at all. I was a little nervous about a shelter dog, but could not be happier with Jack. We thank you for caring for him and trusting our family to love and care for him.

The journey from Aubrey to Coco Chanel

"In March 2011, Aubrey was in your care and then she made her journey to a foster home. The foster parent saw beauty, intelligence, devotion and fun in little Aubrey and renamed her Coco Chanel. A week later I adopted Coco Chanel and what a joy. As a professional with a hectic schedule, and a mother with multiple responsibilities, I always wanted a dog, but I could not see one in my life and schedule.

Sunshine finds her forever home

Great News! Sunshine has been adopted... by her super fantastic foster family! You may remember, Sunshine is the wonderful lab mix momma of 12 that we rescued from a local animal control this spring. Linda wrote, "After 4 months of fostering, we have fallen in love with her and can't give her up. Three of her 12 puppies live in my neighborhood, so maybe she can have playdates with her babies!" 

Like a fine wine

Syrah Only Gets Better With Age - Hi! I'm the puppy you called "Mike". Michelle decided that really didn't suit me, so she changed my name to "Syrah" because, like the wine, I am dark, complex, interesting and a little spicy. So just like "The artist formerly known as Prince," I'm, "The puppy formerly known as Mike." I've had an interesting month. The first week I was getting used to everything. I sleep in a nice-sized crate by Michelle's bed.


"My husband and I adopted a puppy named DeLilah (that we have since renamed Addie) just a few weeks before we were married in May of 2011. I fell in love with Addie when I saw a video of her on SPCA website. We visited her the next day and my husband and I fell in love all over again. Addie was so sweet and shy when we met her. Life had obviously not been easy for our sweet girl and she shook from fear when we first took her home.

Happy anniversary

Kristian shared her "Happy Tail": "Hi, this is Alaska, formerly known as Vixen. My boyfriend and I adopted her as a puppy almost 3 years ago from the Georgia SPCA. Besides being so adorable as a pup, one of the reasons we chose her was because her birth date was our anniversary! We felt like she "chose" us more than the other way around! She was very energetic as a puppy and only grew up to be even wilder!

The story of Bones' success

 Last summer, Bones, a 4-year-old Chihuahua was surrendered to animal control by his owner. His time had run out, when was rescued by GA SPCA. Bones didn't adjust to shelter life very well, and stayed with a foster for several months, until he found a loving home with Jonathan. Jonathan wrote to us, asking why Bones' former owner had given him up, and if the pup's original name was Boo-Boo, because that's what the paperwork from animal control indicated.

Wink's story

When two nice ladies from the Georgia SPCA came to visit the Animal Control facility where I was living, I tried to behave really well. It was hard to see them in my concrete pen, because the walls were really high, and I only have one eye, but somehow I knew that they could help me get out of here. I have seen dogs leave with people before. I didn't know where they went, but they always seemed so happy. I don't know why I ended up here in the first place.