Ivey: She's Been Through a Lot, and Now, She's ADOPTED!

Shortly after the Georgia SPCA took in Ivey's litter, it was discovered that she had mobility problems arising from a deformed vertabrae in her spine that was pinching her spinal cord and restricting movement in her hind legs.  She was a happy, active little dog, even though she had to drag her hindquarters around.  It was determined that Ivey would need corrective surgery and extensive physical therapy to gain full use of her hind legs, and that surgery came at a high price: a minimum of $7,000!  With the help of a whole community of animal lovers -- some as far away as England! -- the money was raised for Ivy's surgery. Over 300 people contributed to the Georgia SPCA Compassionate Hearts Fund to cover the cost of her care.
Ivey came through the surgery with flying colors, but, just as she was ready to begin physical therapy, it was discovered that one of her front legs was broken!  The vet said it had been broken for quite a while, and had already started to heal.  It had to be re-set, so Ivey headed into surgery again, and physical therapy on her hind legs had to be postponed until her front leg healed.
Ivey is such a trooper, with such a big heart, an indomitable spirit, and a will to succeed!  She went through months of physical therapy, and still sometimes uses a harness to help support her back end.  But, she loves life, and recently completed her first race -- the Jonny and Xena "Spread the Words" Fun Run!   Her foster Mom, Karen, dedicated herself to helping this spunky little dog get better, and on December 1, 2015 -- Giving Tuesday -- she and her family officially adopted Ivey, nearly 8 months after beginning the long journey of fostering her, taking her to doctor and therapy appointments--and into their hearts, as well.
Here's what Karen had to say about Ivey, and their (inevitable) decision to adopt her:  "So on this giving Tuesday, I've decided that this is the day to give one special girl the gift of having someone by her side til the end. We are adopting Ms. Ivey today. She has taught me so much that I never knew about myself. Her patience and drive just amaze me everyday. Some say she is a special needs dog, and that's a lot to handle. I say, "She's just special, and now she's mine!" I know her time might not be as long as others, but it will be our time together. I look forward to the days ahead with her, and seeing what we have in store for each other. So on this giving day, reach out and challenge yourself with something new. It just might change your world!"