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Pet Safety for the 4th of July

Many people think no 4th of July celebration would be complete without fireworks, but think about your pets as you're putting the finishing touches on your plans. Unlike people, pets are often terrified by the loud noises and sudden bursts of light produced by fireworks. And when pets panic, they may run, get lost, even be injured or killed. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on the 4th.:

Inside Out?

I read an article recently about experts, including animal behaviorists, a professor of psychology, a bioethicist, and others who have studied and written on and about animals and the animal-human relationship, who feel conflicted about letting domestic cats outdoors.

What's In A Name?

We rescue A LOT of cats and kittens each year at the Georgia SPCA - more than 300 of them so far this year! It can be challenging to think up names for all of them. The obvious names - like Tulip, Spring, Summer and Daffodil for kittens born early in the year - are used up pretty quickly when we rescue several cats and kittens every week.

What You Should Have in Your Pet's First Aid Kit

Everyone who shares a home with a pet should have a basic pet first-aid kit on hand.

Keep your pet's first-aid kit in your home and take it with you if you are traveling with your pet.

One way to start your kit is to buy a first-aid kit designed for people and add pet-specific items to it. You can also purchase a pet first-aid kit from a pet-supply store or catalog. But you can easily assemble your own kit by gathering the items on our lists below.

Pet-specific supplies

Why Your Pet Should be Microchipped

There is little that is more frightening and upsetting that losing your much loved cat or dog.  Yet, without proper identification, 90% of lost pets never get returned home and are either re-homed in shelters or face worse fates. So, it is critical that your pet always wears a collar with a tag that provides a phone number or other contact  information, so that someone who finds your lost pet can get in touch with you.  However, collars can come off, and tags can become worn and hard-to-read.

How Do You Know You're a Crazy Cat Lady?

Halloween is just a few days away, and Crazy Cat Lady costumes seem to be popping up everywhere. There's a photo of an adorable little girl dressed as a Crazy Cat Lady circulating on Facebook, there are lots of cartoons and there's even a Crazy Cat Lady doll. But what's a Crazy Cat Lady, really? How can we tell when someone who likes cats slides over the edge into Crazy Cat Lady territory?

Pets and a New Baby

What can I do to prepare my pets for the new baby? Getting ready for a new family member is a busy, exciting time. In addition to all that you need to do to prepare for the new baby, there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier for your pets.


Information provided in these articles is intended to provide some guidance for you and your pet. Not all animals behave (or respond) in the same manner. Should you have questions or concerns about anything you see here, please consult your veterinarian. While we work with vets on a regular basis, we are not veterinarians. We feel the articles here provide useful but general guidelines and suggestions for working with your pet. Please note, some articles may be disturbing to young children. Please preview articles to make sure they are appropriate for your child.