Living With Pets

Pets in Rental Housing

If you currently rent your home or apartment, we ask you to give special thought to your future before you adopt an animal. Our lobby is often filled with heartbroken owners who never dreamed they’d have to give up their pet because they moved and could not find new housing that allowed animals. Perhaps the best decision is to wait until you own a home.

“After All, He was Only a Pet…” (When Being Strong Hurts More than Grieving)

The death of a pet is never an easy time. Whether it is an older animal, who may have been a part of the family longer than most of the furniture and some of the children, or a pet who has been with you for only a few years, the loss can be truly traumatic. And if the end comes through a conscious decision for euthanasia, other emotions become entangled with the basic sense of loss.

Dog-to-Dog Introductions

When you already have a dog and you're bringing a new dog home, you want to make sure the introduction goes well and avoid setting up future conflict.   Making some preparations before you get home and setting your dogs up for positive interactions during their first few weeks together will go a long way toward a harmonious long-term relationship.

Allergies To Pets

You can have a happy, healthy life with your pets, even if you're allergic to them.  The benefits of having a pet usually outweigh the drawbacks of pet allergies for many people. You'd be surprised to know how many people, with non-life-threatening allergies, live with pets despite having allergies to them!

Disaster Readiness

If there’s ever a natural disaster or situation requiring evacuation in the area where you live, you’ll want to be ready to keep not only yourself safe, but your pets, too. You’ll want to think about how to be prepared for three types of disasters:

What To Do When You Find a Stray

If you find a stray dog or cat, keep in mind that the animal may be a lost pet, and someone could be frantically searching for him/her. Cats and dogs get loose for one reason or another and may become lost. If a lost pet has been on the run for weeks or months, he or she is going to be dirty and skinny and have fleas, even if he/she escaped from a wonderful home.


Information provided in these articles is intended to provide some guidance for you and your pet. Not all animals behave (or respond) in the same manner. Should you have questions or concerns about anything you see here, please consult your veterinarian. While we work with vets on a regular basis, we are not veterinarians. We feel the articles here provide useful but general guidelines and suggestions for working with your pet. Please note, some articles may be disturbing to young children. Please preview articles to make sure they are appropriate for your child.