Manditori Concert - Saturday, July 22

Time to celebrate!  The Georgia SPCA is approaching a milestone - our 10th anniversary, and our 10,000th adoption! 

Since the shelter opened  in 2007, we've rescued and found loving forever homes for nearly 10,000 abandoned, abused and neglected cats and dogs. Pets that were abandoned by the only family they had ever known, unwanted litters, and animals removed from bad situations- like the 3 Pit Bulls taken in from Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring. All of these animals were given a second chance to know what it means to be loved and to feel the warmth, comfort and security of a forever home.

We’re ready to have some fun and celebrate all the "happy tales" you helped make possible!  To mark this special occasion, you're invited to join us for a fabulous evening featuring the Nashville singing duo, Manditori.

MANDI Sagal and TORI Occhino, are two incredible musical talents who create a colorful and powerful sound.  Performing together since they were young girls, they have grown into an accomplished singing and songwriting sensation.

Join us Saturday, July 22 at "Eddie Owen Presents" in Duluth for an exciting night of great music, wonderful stories,  and a look at what we can accomplish together in the next 10 years!

Tickets are $35 and available online , at the shelter, and at the venue.

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