Your Employer May Match Your Gift To the Georgia SPCA

Matching gifts provide an easy way for you to double -- or even triple -- the value of your original donation!  Many companies recognize the value of charitable giving and encourage their employees to give in different ways.

You can double the impact of your monetary gift if your company has a Matching Gift Program.  Click here to find out immediately if yours is one of the 1,400 companies that supports their employees' charitable giving by matching their gifts to non-profit organziations.  This one simple step could multiply your donation and help the Georgia SPCA rescue and care for more homeless dogs and cats. Your company, your spouse's company, even a company you retired from, may match your gift.   You may even be able to complete and submit your form online!  

Here are just a few of the companies in the Atlanta area that DO match their employees' gifts:

AT&T Dell Publix
Bank of America General Electric Office Depot
Best Buy Home Depot Sam's Club/Walmart
Cisco Kraft Foods Target
Coca Cola Macy's Verizon
Costco PNC Wells Fargo