Finding the Perfect Match.

 If you are reading this you have likely encountered a variety of dogs who need homes.  Some are puppies that are so cute, irresistible and some older more mature dogs that have a little life experience. These dogs are past puppy training stage and are ready to give you love and demand less of you.  Each type of dog has merit, but let’s look at some true accounts of more mature, adopted dogs that found forever homes.

Charlie came into the life of my friends at age two.  This sweet, but independent dog could let himself in and out of a doggie door during the day and was content with owners who provided a morning walk, then time and love in the evening after work.  He also came socialized and adapted well to other dogs, children and people.  Charlie was in a word easy, and was perfect for this family. 

Then there is Skipper the one year old “advertised” golden mix that my friend, Mindy, adopted.  The truth is, Mindy was looking for a pal for her golden and ended up with Skipper, who in no way resembles a retriever His cute, playful, sneaky personality won her over and now he is the one dog, those in our dog park group threaten to “dog nap”. Skipper always brings a laugh and smile as we watch his escapades with the other dogs and with brother,Sunny. 

Finally there was Ribbit, my dad’s dog.   Although a scruffy non-descript dog on the outside, Ribbit was far from average.  Ribbit was exceptionally bright and could learn to do just about anything.  With great patience and time commitment, this dog learned to perform an abundance of tricks and loved to show off. He also knew the boundaries of his very large unfenced yard,   He was a true family dog, loved my dad and would even playfully harass my mom. 

As I look at my dog Abbey who is now 18 months old, I wonder what would happen to her if we were gone.  Maybe a friend would take her, but if she needed a new home I hope she would find someone that would be willing to take a chance on an older terrific dog.

These are just three examples of great dogs that were adopted “outside” of the puppy years. There are also those wonderful dogs that are in the Georgia SPCA shelter that were once with a family that now need a new home.  

 When you consider new pet options, I challenge you to look with open eyes and an open heart and find a dog that needs a loving home and new family and not forget about the dogs that need a second chance.