Pets in Rental Housing

If you currently rent your home or apartment, we ask you to give special thought to your future before you adopt an animal. Our lobby is often filled with heartbroken owners who never dreamed they’d have to give up their pet because they moved and could not find new housing that allowed animals. Perhaps the best decision is to wait until you own a home. Or often times, it is easier to find rental housing that allows cats, small dogs or a small companion animal, rather than larger dogs.

There are several things you can do to give you and your pet a better chance of securing suitable, pet-friendly housing. We recommend the following steps as part of your search for your next home:

1) Promote yourself and your pet by creating a pet resume. A pet resume provides a clear description of your pet and can go a long way in helping to introduce you and your pet to a prospective landlord. Be sure to include information on your pet’s training and experience in obedience school. Provide proof that you are a responsible pet owner by including references from previous landlords, your veterinarian and/or friends. Let landlords know that your pet is spayed or neutered and that he is current on vaccinations. Be sure to include information on your animal’s temperament, behavior, weight and activity level.

2) Have your pet spayed or neutered and make sure she is up to date on all of her vaccinations and veterinary care. Remember, a spayed or neutered pet is a healthier, more well-behaved pet.

3) Give yourself enough time to search for a pet-friendly home. If possible, allow up to six weeks for your search. Many rental communities have either no-pet or very restrictive pet policies.

4) Utilize available resources to find pet-friendly housing in your desired area.

5) Be willing to pay a little extra. Most pet-friendly rentals require a pet deposit to cover any damages. Let potential landlords know you’re willing to put down a security deposit for your pet.



Sam and Jane Smith

123 Kibble Lane

Suwanee, GA 30024

(678) 222-2222

Lobo is a three-year-old neutered, male Lab mix. He weighs 65 lbs, is well-behaved, and has lived with us in a two-bedroom home since he was six-months-old. He is a much-loved member of our family, and travels with us on most outings and vacations. Lobo is used to living indoors, is house-trained, and is calm and quiet when left alone at home. He entertains himself with toys and gets along well with our cat, Toby.


Lobo has graduated from beginning and intermediate dog training classes held at the Georgia SPCA. He responds to voice commands and does not bark excessively. We take Lobo on walks or to the dog park at least once daily, and he is well-behaved and socializes well with other dogs he meets along the way.

Health and Grooming

Lobo is neutered, current on his vaccinations and sees our veterinarian at ABC Animal Hospital for annual examinations. We keep copies of Lobo’s veterinary records. Lobo is brushed regularly and we bathe him monthly at a local do-it-yourself dog wash.


Our current landlord is Jacob Jones (678) 444-4444

Our veterinarian is Dr. Paws at ABC Animal Hospital (678) 555-5555

Lobo’s dog trainer is Ann Jackson at (678) 666-6666

Lobo’s pet-sitter is Joe Canine at (678) 123-4567

This material used with permission from The Sacramento SPCA.