Just Who is Sadie?

Our inspiration for Sadie's Place and VIntage Sadie's

Sadie had a very sad start in life. She was rescued from a dog fighting ring where she was raised without any affection, surrounded by the sounds of snarling, growling, barking and fighting. Although she resembles a pit bull, her DNA has been analyzed which confirmed that she is mostly Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

We believe she was used as a bait dog, since her ears are cut in a "bear cut," a technique used to make a dog harder for other dogs to grab in a fight. It also makes the dog look more intimidating.

Sadie has had a great influence on our livesIn spite of her previously abusive treatment, Sadie is very sweet and happy. She has done very well from the moment we started working with her, not showing aggression toward anyone. She did not seem happy in our shelter environment, however, and she has lived with the wonderful Angie Woods and her pack at U.S. Canine  for several months. Angie has been lovely to us and to Sadie, working with her and analyzing her personality. Within three days of her arrival, Angie put Sadie in with her pack and reports no problems. Angie has taught Sadie basic commands.

When she is secure in her position in the pack, Sadie's goofy personality comes out and she is quite the clown. Before her adoption, she went to the work place of one of our volunteers where she embodied the roll of couch potato in the front office and craved attention from all who passed by. She has touched us so much, we named our thrift shop after her and helped her create her own Facebook page.

Sadie was recently at our recent Run for the Rescues event where she wore a Hawaiian lei and rolled around on the pavement in the moments before the race began. Fernando Guevara, who ran the race with Sadie, said she was very popular among the other dogs and people who ran.  After the race, Sadie chilled out, lying on her back with her tongue hanging out. If Sadie could talk, we think she would say, "I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I will shower you with love and affection and sloppy dog kisses."

In June 2012 after years of rehabilitation and lots of love, Sadie was finally adopted by a loving family who continue to bring her to see her old friends at the adoption center and to events such as our Run for the Rescues. We love seeing her!