Georgia SPCA Staff

The Georgia SPCA staff is here seven days a week to answer any questions you may have about our services or pet ownership in general.



Chandler Lumbatis, Lead Veterinary Technician, Cat Intake Manager, and Lobby Manager 

Ashley Esterly, Dog Intake Manager, Vet Tech, and Kennel Manager

Amanda Talley-Barrow, Animal Care/Adoption Counselor

Jennifer Hiller, Animal Care/Adoption Counselor

Kris Hendrick, Animal Care/Adoption Counselor

Amber Esterly, Animal Care/Adoption Counselor

Toby, Vet Tech Office Manager
(Available for Adoption)

Jacqueline Bischoff, Groomer

All staff can be contacted through the main phone number, 678-765-2726 as well as the listed email addresses or through