Volunteer Spotlight

A Tip Of The Hat to Foster and Volunteer Jacques Boudreau!

One of Georgia SPCA’s most valuable assets is Jacques Boudreau. Among a litany of other volunteer activities, he provides much-needed lodging and caregiving to our cats and kittens through fostering. Through his largesse, he has fostered as many as twenty orphans or strays in the past year.

Diane Whitaker - Cat Whisperer & Our (Not So) Secret Admirer!

Diane Whitaker


A big “Shout Out” to Diane Whitaker of Duluth who has been volunteering at the Georgia SPCA for 3 years and has fostered a total of 48 kittens, many with medical needs, over the past 2 ½ years.
Currently, she spends Monday and Wednesday mornings in the Vet Tech area tending to the animals who have been surrendered, abandoned or rescued from kill shelters and who are not ready to be adopted due to health or behavioral issues.

Amy Palmer - Volunteer & Crazy Cat Lady!

I started volunteering for Georgia SPCA in January of 2015.  Why?  Because I have always loved animals, and can’t ever remember a time when my home didn’t have a pet in it as I was growing up.  I even secretly lured the neighborhood stray cat to our house one afternoon when I got off the school bus, and he lived with us for the rest of his 12 years!  

Why I Volunteer at the GA SPCA by Iwona Rewucki

I had never volunteered before stepping into an animal shelter and now I can’t imagine doing anything else. I was motivated by the fact that I like animals better than people!

When I began volunteering, I looked for a mentor, someone to show me the ropes and I found her, or maybe she found me (thank you Lori)!

David Sullivan on his Volunteer Experience

It all started innocently enough.  I was getting ready to retire, and I was looking for volunteer opportunities.  My wife Robin said, “Have you considered walking dogs down at the GA SPCA?  We love dogs, we have dogs, that may be something you would like to do.”  Almost a year later, I am still walking dogs at the kennel, I absolutely love it, and I cannot imagine not seeing my furry friends every week day.